about Claudio

John Beck

"I have listened to Claudio's CDs and think they are excellent. His playing is musical and his compositions are filled with interest, excitement and are musical to the point that they are memorable in your ear. They are not just a lot of notes that are easily forgotten. I hope he is successful with them."

Ney Rosauro

"Claudio Santangelo is slowly establishing himself as a marimba virtuous and a very original composer. It is nice to know that a new generation of percussionists is starting to appear in Italy and Claudio is one of the best representants. He has a solid technique, his performances are full of emotion and his compositions are inspired and original. Great marimba pieces that I believe some will be popular in the repertory. A true marimba/percussion artist made in Italy"

Eric Sammut

"When I first met Claudio Santangelo I was immediately convicted by his ability and talent playing marimba. He has his own way to develop relation with the instrument and I'm sure you will enjoy his compositions which are lovely. Thank you Claudio for all you are doing to make growing this beautiful instrument!"

Michael Burritt

"I watched his video and really enjoyed the performance and the piece. I would say that Claudio is a wonderful young marimbist. His compositions are sincere and bring a welcome voice to the repertoire for the our instrument."

Kevin Bobo

"Claudio Santangelo is one of the brightest young talents in the world of solo percussion today. He is simply an outstanding musician. His musical sensitivity and imagination as a soloist and composer put him at the very top of an impressive group of young marimba virtuosos."

Emmanuel Séjourné

"Claudio Santangelo is young and talented player. I am sure the future will offer to him a lot of success like marimbist soloist. His compositions are like him: nice, fresh and virtuoso. Good luck for his carrier"

Mark Ford

"Claudio Santangelo is a talented percussionist and composer! I feel that his music career will be long and successful! Bravo!"

Ruud Wiener

"A xylophone infant prodigy at very young age.... A musical child prodigy found his way back to the of a big promise! I am convinced that his natural talent as a performer as well as a composer and his severe perseverance and passion will allow him to realize his musical dreams."

Ed Smith

"Have seen and heard all the videos with the compositions of Claudio. He is a great talent."

Naoko Takada

"Claudio Santangelo possesses flawless technical abilities producing music with astonishing accuracy, control and captivating musical expression."